What We're All About

"The Fuller Solutions team feels like an extension of our company."

— Brenda Schmidt, CEO, Viridian Health Management

Our Passion is Solving Problems

The more perplexing, complex, and unique that problem is, all the better! And over the years, we're proud to say, we've solved some real doozies.

Solutions for Complex Business Problems

We excel at what we do because we want to become your most trusted IT partner.

While it is exciting and rewarding to quickly assess and solve unique or complex business issues and concerns, we've never been satisfied with a quick fix or single-point solutions. We prefer to prove ourselves invaluable to you and your company by constantly providing:

  • Real, actionable and measurable results.
  • A multidimensional approach to solving any problem.
  • The Best Practices and highest standards of service.

What Makes Us Unique

"I consider Fuller Sollutions to be a trusted advisor. I wopuld recommend them because of their competency, collaborative spirit and ease to work with."

— Paul Elliot, Director, Services - ICS PMO Leader,
Insight Enterprises, Inc



We have a clear vision that drives the basis of all that we do.

When Patrick Fuller started Fuller Solutions in 2009, his vision was clear, he wanted to create a company that valued relationships over transactions. A company that could solve complex business problems through innovation, creativity, and strategic thinking.

After years of working with a diverse array of businesses, from mom-and-pop shops to Fortune 500 companies, Patrick became acutely aware that most business problems stem from some kind of deficiency in project management, process, or technology.

This is why Fuller Solutions provides dependable, customized solutions utilizing:

  • Strategy & Portfolio
  • Project Management
  • and Information Technology

Core Values

"The Fuller Solutions team feels like an extension of our company."

— Brenda Schmidt, CEO, Viridian Health Management

The Values We Stand By

  • Value - Provide the greatest value possible to our clients by being their ally and a key enabler for success.
  • Success - Our client's success is equally our success and vice versa.
  • Knowledge - Commit to being subject matter experts, not only in our client's business, but also in our own business.
  • Balance - Create and sustain a work/life balance for our team members and clients.
  • Honesty - Keep lines of communication open and true.
  • Key Assets - Understanding that our clients and employees are our greatest assets.
  • Member of The Community - Be a socially responsible company and contribute to our community.

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