Project Management

"Fuller Solutions met our high standard of expectation of constant and frequent communication."

--ICS PMO Leader, Insight Enterprises, Inc

Project Management Solutions

Projects, strategically aligned with your goals

At Fuller Solutions, we help you determine which projects are strategically aligned with your most important goals and objectives.

We give you the management tools and processes to get those projects done on time, withing budget and without the stress of costly surprises.

Whether you're preparing to launch new projects or eager to complete, our Project Management Solutions will allow you to radically increase your ability to control both the evolution and outcome of all your projects. You will also be able to quickly determine what resources, manpower, and systems you need to complete your project, and know, on a weekly basis, whether your project is on time, within scope, and within budget.


Project Execution

Our experienced team executes flawlessly, work together and provide transparency and piece of mind.

Project Manager

Acts at the operational level managing the full-lifecycle of a project using established controls and communication channels.

Program Manager

Acts at the strategic level. Number and project management or related efforts directed toward the same business objectives. Guidance and oversight to a Project Management Team/ Organization.

Portfolio Manager

Strategically align & sequences a set of achievable initiatives that support an organization's business objectives.

Project Recovery

Goal: Provide releif, a fresh perspective, and the ability to turn a project around in the shortest time possible

Project Recovery Solutions is designed to do two things:

  1. Provide data points and analysis to support either the termination or the turnaround of the project.
  2. If applicable, successfully turn the project around in the shortest time possible.

The only way to successfully accomplish both of these points is to fully submerge one's self into project information from the Opportunity Assessment, the Project Initiation artifacts, and the Project monitoring and control information.

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